3 Signs you need a Carbon Facial


You may know the Carbon Facial by a few different names – the Hollywood Facial, China Doll Facial or even the Carbon Laser Peel. Whatever you call it, there’s one word that sums it up pretty seamlessly: fabulous.

One of the most unique advanced skin treatments available, Carbon Facials utilise a sophisticated Q-Switch Laser to resurface and treat imperfections on the skin. After a layer of medical-grade carbon peel is applied to the treatment area, it is absorbed by the pores and ready for the showstopping next step.

The carbon comes into contact with the laser energy, shattering it into particles. When this occurs, it’s taking the likes of congestion in the pores, dead skin cells, blackheads, uneven skin tone and texture and excess oil with it to deliver a much more refined and purified complexion.

The warming sensation of the treatment causes a thermal effect on the skin which is why you can also expect collagen and elastin stimulation for more youthful and smoother looking skin with this treatment too.

Pretty impressive, right?!

Not sure if a Carbon Facial is right for you? Here’s 3 signs you need to book your first treatment.

You have a special event coming up

It’s no coincidence that Carbon Facials have made a seriously impressive name for themselves across the globe, particularly with celebrities looking for that ultimate pre-event glow. A leading choice for skin prep ahead of a special event, Carbon Facials make the complexion appear seriously refreshed. It’s like an instant pick-me-up for the skin!

With no lengthy downtime or discomfort, Carbon Facials focus on the big three things we want before any big event: brightness, smoothness, and clarity. For the likes of brides, Carbon Facials tick all the boxes and allow makeup to apply flawlessly and glowing skin to shine through in every photo.

Although you will see an improvement after your first session, it’s recommended to book a series of Carbon Facials ahead of your special event. Four treatments spaced four weeks apart is ideal to achieve optimal results.

You want to better manage your congestion

If there’s one thing Carbon Facials do impressively well it’s farewell unwanted congestion in the skin. Whilst they’re most known for their facial results, Carbon Facials can be performed on other areas of concern, particularly the back where we see a lot of congestion and breakouts occur.

Monthly Carbon Facials are a treatment to consider adding to your skin clearing artillery as it focuses on bringing balance back to the skin. When the carbon crème encounters the laser energy, it’s taking the likes of blackheads, whiteheads, excess oil and general congestion and build-up with it meaning your pores are instantly cleaner, clearer, and tighter.

Like any advanced skin treatment, the more you have, the better your results and treating congestion with Carbon Facials is no different. By committing to regular treatments, we’re able to focus on maintaining balance within the skin and stop these breakout-causing nasties in their tracks.

You’re wanting an all-rounder treatment without the downtime

Carbon Facials deliver everything we love about advanced treatments, like peels, without the lengthy downtime which makes it incredibly popular for those wanting to tackle the likes of ageing, pigmentation, skin tone and texture and fine lines in a proactive way but one that works with their busy schedule.

Other than a slight red tinge following your treatment, you’re good to hop off the treatment bed and get on with your day immediately following your treatment! If this sounds like a total dream, then a Carbon Facial could be for you.

Now, when it comes to seeing these long-term results, you’re going to want to stay committed. Pairing regular treatments with professional at-home skincare, your treatments will go beyond resurfacing and focus on maximising that collagen and elastin production within the skin.

After your skin consultation, we’ll have a solid understanding of your long-term skin goals and can recommend complementary treatments to pair your Carbon Facials with to enhance your results. We’re talking LED Light Therapy, Hydrodermabrasion or even alternating your treatments with Radio Frequency to see your results go from whoa to whoaaaa.

Ready to get started with the treatment that’s dominating skin goals on a world scale? Book your first treatment online now or get in contact to ask any more Carbon Facial questions. We can’t wait to see you!