Get to know our new MediLUX LED


The secret is out – we’ve levelled up our LED technology! Always bringing you the very best the industry has to offer, we’ve welcomed the MediLUX LED Light Therapy device to Enchanted Skin and Beauty.

The MediLUX is considered the highest-powered LED device on the market and boasts five amazing different wavelengths to help you achieve your skin goals.

So, where did LED actually come from? Well, outer space actually!

No, we’re not kidding, LED was harnessed by NASA decades ago where they discovered that plant cells under the Red Light LED produced more ATP. They then tried this on astronauts and discovered not only a boost in their ATP levels too but accelerated wound healing.

Fast-forward to today and LED is one of the most popular and forward-thinking aesthetic treatments available. From the secret behind celebrity skin to featuring on all leading salon treatment menus, LED is the quick, comfortable and oh so relaxing treatment that leaves your skin coming back for more.

Today, we’re giving you the glow down on the different benefits you can expect from your next MediLUX LED treatment.

Controlled levels of Red Light, Blue Light, Green Light, Yellow Light, and Near-Infrared LED are clinically proven to deliver exceptional results for some of the most common skin concerns. Our MediLUX specialises in delivering all five of these wavelengths in high power which means you only need around 20 to 30 minutes under the light to maximise its clinical benefits.

Red Light LED is the ultimate skin rejuvenation wavelength that’s designed to accelerate skin cell renewal and repair. This makes it ideal for clients wanting to address the signs of ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, and skin elasticity as your time under the Red Light LED is boosting your production of collagen and elastin.

Red Light LED is also fantastic for detoxifying complexions as it improves your blood flow and circulation therefore supporting lymphatic drainage and oxygenation of your cells.

Your healer and acne-buster is Blue Light LED. Supporting the management and prevention of breakouts, Blue Light LED works hard at destroying the bacteria in our skin that leads to acne.

Oily skin types are going to love knowing that this light also works wonders at bringing balance to the skin by regulating sebum production.

Ideal for those experiencing pesky breakouts, Blue Light LED can be combined with our Near-Infrared LED to address not just the breakout itself but the redness and irritation that comes with it. Winning!

Designed to rebuild and repair is Near-Infrared LED. This unique LED wavelength is our hero when wanting to calm down redness and inflammation in the skin. Whether you’re experiencing the side effects of acne, skin irritation or even rosacea, Near-Infrared LED is the soothing solution you’ve been searching for.

It can also be used for wound healing purposes and to ease tired and sore muscles. In addition to its amazing healing benefits, Near-Infrared LED is also ideal for addressing more significant fine lines and wrinkles and advanced ageing because the wavelength works at a much deeper level than the other four wavelengths.

Green Light LED is the calmer and brightener of the MediLUX as it focuses on skin tone correction and skin soothing. Green Light LED can regulate melanin production which works to lighten the appearance of unwanted discoloration such as freckles and hyperpigmentation. It also has a significant calming effect on the skin which welcomes a reduction in redness and irritation.

Similarly, Yellow Light LED is also known for its soothing abilities and regularly used following advanced skin treatments like peels and laser. As it has a more shallower penetration level, Yellow Light LED is fantastic for delivering much needed calm and soothing to the surface of the skin which is particularly helpful for those with swelling and inflammation. Yellow Light LED also has added benefits of boosting collagen and elastin production and stimulating circulation which both are must-haves when treating the signs of ageing and welcoming brighter, energised looking skin.

LED Light Therapy is the perfect, standalone weekly treatment or included as part of your next skin treatment with us! With both express and deluxe LED facials available, we’re ensuring everyone is able to benefit from this incredible treatment!

To learn more about which LED treatment is right for you, visit skin treatments to read more and book your skin consultation.