Roz – Owner

My Beauty and Dermal Therapy background started over 20 years ago. Along the way, I have completed extensive post-graduate education, am constantly up-skilling and learning new modalities and techniques to better serve my valued clients.


Beauty is about being comfortable in your skin! 

The main reason I first began my journey as a Beauty Therapist is due to being very unhappy with my own skin. 

I can’t even say it’s been a love/hate relationship!

As a kid? Freckles…… oodles of them! 

As a teen – acne (not actually as bad as I thought it was at the time).

20’s-30’s saw enlarged pores, freckles, acne (a little bit worse than teen years) and hormonal pigmentation (melasma) and the start of some ageing. There was no way would I have left the house without make up on. 

40 sees me feeling the best I have about my skin, knowing every day I work towards how to best get the most bang out my skin care regime and treatments.
Best of all, I’m willing to leave the house without make up! 

How do you feel about your skin?  Are you comfortable without make up on?

I love to have my clients informed and educated about treatments and skin care. This is of great importance when beginning treatments as the more you know and understand about what I am recommending for you, the less daunting the process can seem.  

Each and every service is tailored to you, my client. There is no one size fits all.
You will always receive a unique treatment plan which is suited to you and your concerns. With many non-surgical and safe ways to treat the skin, know that I am committed your results.

Having worked in a variety of clinic environments, I like to take a personalised approach to treating clients in a very comfortable, one-on-one environment.

Privacy and safety are first and foremost. The entire appointment time is dedicated to you! 
No walk-ins or interruptions, your appointment with me I am completely focused on that. 
I very rarely (if ever) run late or cancel appointments. This is something I definitely pride myself on. I also allow time after each appointment to ensure sanitising and client notes are all up to date.  

I am about transforming beauty norms by creating a vibe within my skin clinic that is hand crafted, client focused, and heart filled. Not just skin-deep beauty also an authentic beauty that translates into strong relationships, acceptance, self-respect, warmth, hospitality, and above all – laughter. 

Everything I do is purposeful. I focus on those small details and the whole beauty experience that is mindfully presented to you. From every last ingredient in the products, to my waxing techniques, I want you to feel Enchanted! 

I am committed to creating a comfortable, safe and caring environment for my clients. Always ready to treat you with the utmost care and provide the very best services. All of my services are administered with the highest degree of safety and expertise. 

Your safety and treatment efficacy are paramount.
Please know that I am constantly updating my skills and completing ongoing training to ensure the treatments I offer are done so in the safest and most results-driven way.

Let me help you love the skin you’re in!


Tara – Therapist

From a young age I was always fascinated with makeup and loved to make myself and others around me beautiful. 

I loved playing with makeup, giving mini massages and painting everyone’s nails.

I knew I wanted to work in the beauty industry and took the opportunity to study at TAFE and South Coast Academy. From studying and working in retail, I realised my passion was making others feel comfortable and confident in their skin.

Going into adulthood, wearing my makeup everyday… 

My skin struggled with sensitivity and redness, and keratosis pilaris on my arms.

Through my skin journey, I enjoyed learning the difference between sensitive and sensitised skin.

Helping clients reach their own skin goals gives me such joy and satisfaction. I love seeing clients confident after a brow wax, walk straighter after a pedicure, or relaxed after a body treatment.​